Gift Vouchers - Terms and Conditions




  1. Bonus definition:

Supporting documents that verify the advance payment of a sum of money as a price or part of it, whose sole purpose is to obtain goods or services in the sites authorized by Zabrisky Florist, with the exception that they do not constitute a security, nor means of payment or change, since they are not mechanisms to obtain money in cash.


  1. Issuer of the bond and place to redeem:

The issuing company of the voucher is Floristería Zabrisky. The voucher can be redeemed for online purchases at: . The voucher must be redeemed in a single bill. Once redeemed, the bonus will have no commercial value. The vouchers issued by Floristería Zabrisky can be redeemed only once and canceled at the time of redemption in the online store.


  1. Type of bonus and restrictions:

The bonds issued by Floristería Zabrisky are bearer bonds. It is not necessary for the consumer to specify the name of the person who is going to redeem the voucher. Whoever redeems the bond must be of legal age (18 years).


  1. Date of issue, expiration and numbering:

The date of issue of the voucher will be stipulated in it. The voucher is valid for one (01) month to redeem it, counted from the date of issue. The vouchers will be duly numbered and coded to prevent their unauthorized reproduction.


  1. Term expiration:

If the date to redeem the bonus (1 month) is exceeded, it will not be valid and will not have any type of commercial value.


  1. Bonus value:

There is only one value stipulated for the Gift Voucher 30% discount on THE FIRST PURCHASE ONLY ON THE PORTAL

The value of the bonus will be only that specified in the box.


  1. Bonus Accumulation:

Two or more Zabrisky Floristry bonuses cannot be accumulated to redeem the same product, nor in the same account or invoice.


  1. Products:

With the voucher you can purchase any product from the Floristería Zabrisky store. In the event that the product reaches a value greater than that stipulated in the voucher, the surplus must be paid with any means of payment in force in Colombia and abroad.

The coverage areas for product delivery will be: Pereira downtown area and Dosquebradas. The areas outside this area or not stipulated here, must cover the cost of shipping the product.


  1. Loss, Theft or Destruction:

In case of loss, theft or destruction of the voucher, Floristería Zabrisky will not have any type of responsibility.


  1. Exchange for money:

The bonus can only be redeemed for products sold in the online store of Floristería Zabrisky, in no case will the value of the bonus be delivered in money.




Zabrisky Florist Team